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How to Find Peace

Finding Peace and Happiness
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How to Find Peace

How to find peace and happiness in our anxious and uncertain times is a question that most people are having an increasingly difficult time answering. Everyone complains openly about the lack of peace in their lives. More people then ever are looking but fewer seem to be finding the peace they seek. Maybe it's because we are looking in the wrong places.

Have you ever tried to fit a square peg in a round hole - no matter how hard you try, it just won't fit. This is much the same way most of us go about trying to find peace.

We look for it in money, cars, homes, political power, electronic gadgets, alcohol, drugs, business, entertainment, pets and even other people. We usually end up surprised when after years of our best efforts we fail. We still feel a lack of peace, an emptiness inside, like something is still missing.

That's because there is something missing. Like using the properly shaped round peg to fill a round hole, God has put a void in each of us that can only be filled by Him. The void is "God shaped", made in his own image and likeness and none of us can truly find peace until it is filled with God.

This site is about helping you, is some small way, to find the true and powerful peace that God offers every one of us. A peace that comes from God through our Lord, Savior and Brother Jesus and by the help of Mary who is both His Mother and our's. A peace we will find if we open our hearts and minds in love and close our eyes in trust. We wish you success in your journey and may God grant all of us His peace.

If you find this site helpful, please include the intentions of the creators of this site in your prayers, Thank You!

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